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Scientific Bodybuilding Workout System, Certifies Instant Gains in Muscularity and Strength Levels to Users who put it into action, 3-times a week for 35′-45′ per workout.”

Learn why The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement Systems weight training program works miraculously for every physique, and how it can transform your body to an eye-catching, God-sculpted War Machine.-

 Skip all the guesswork and capitalize on the exact muscle-building program, that The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement Systems devotee’s put-into-action!

“The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement Systems program is a boundless, gigantic program with numerous underlying concepts.”

George Pasha

Fellow Bodybuilder,

Are you ready to skip-through unproductive bodybuilding workouts that hold your body from its’ full genetic capacity?

How about a premier bodybuilding system that packs on titanic, rock-hard muscles fast and basically without steroids – only by working out 3 days a week, for 45′ maximum?

After years of consistent research on muscular development, the facts show that there’s only *one way*, when it comes to obtaining optimum results with bodybuilding.

Please note: One Way to Bodybuilding – not “One” Weight Training Program

“Learn the *Real*, Hardcore Bodybuilding Secrets to Multiply your strength, Get-Cut, Ripped & Striated Muscles so fast … unleashing such genetic potential, you never thought you possessed (and skyrocket your physical performance like never before) — Absolutely Certified”

Basing my practical weight training philosophy on scientific data, and in conjunction to my deep inclination towards the positivistic attitude of generating savage workouts, with adrenaline peaking boosters at incredibly speedy paces, trained more than 45 top bodybuilders to successfully build tremendous strength levels and ultimate muscularity.

megadrox muscle building

If you *really* want to succeed with bodybuilding, you’ll have to forget what “they” learned you so far.

In the next few minutes, you’ll learn how to skip-through the tragic weight-training mistakes that hold your body from enormous muscle-gains, like:

Unknowingly recoil from potential muscle-building schemes

Overtraining muscles with unproductive programs

Neglecting negative muscular contractions during exercise

Training more than 45′ plus flawing up timeouts

Following up exercises with the false hierarchy + stale muscles with wrong programs

Over training — Under training — Stalling muscles plus a plethora of other pitfalls…

Statistical researches based on average bodybuilders confirm, that it can take years for a trainee to understand and develop an effective bodybuilding program (yet still 99, 9% of bodybuilders will never adopt a successful formula), unless you replicate an extremely successful muscle-building methodology!


With The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement Systems you’ll…

Learn how to:

Ø      Add 1, 5 to 5 pounds of pure muscle month after month.

Ø      Reduce body fat levels by up to 4%-11% in 4-6 months (depends on metabolism).

Ø      Increase strength levels 20%-50% in 60 days.

Ø      Make your workouts intense, productive with smaller sessions & maximum gains.

> Leverage your bodybuilding effects with a scientific methodology.

> Apply the precise repetitions, sets, supersets & growth stimulating exercises.

> Discover powerful bodybuilding concepts & schemes that generate gigantic muscles.

Just Visualize the impact to your muscular development, if you trained for the right time — with the right exercises — the ideal sessions, in union with a sure-fire, muscle stimulating methodology which guarantees results, by the very 1st week!

A complete comprehensible full training system including workout schedules, timeouts, reports, case studies, specialized exercises and important notes on the most fundamental techniques, to building exploding bursts of natural testosterone levels.

Science confirms that…

You’re guaranteed to add on 1, 5- 5 pounds of rock solid muscles every 25-40 days, with an absolutely-balanced physique characterized by flawless symmetry.

…and those gains are the most conservative you will reap!

The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement SYSTEMS is also implemented by boxers, wrestler’s rugby athletes, police officers, firemen and other every day, working people, piling on mass in minimum time without the aid of anabolic steroids.


A full year cycle routine is guaranteed to fire-up your workouts, stimulate a variation of muscle tissue and stabilize your immune system to a continuous anabolic phase.

One of the reasons why most bodybuilders are kept off maximum gains is over training and lack of knowledge. Over training is a bodybuilder’s worst nightmare, when muscle growth goes stale, yet few become conscious that their system is doomed right in the red zone.

When trainees pump-iron accordingly to the UMBS program, after each workout, they feel pumped, speedy and stronger because of the successful combination and schemes which the program puts into action.

Get ready to grow muscles like a champ, thanks to the synchronization of testosterone burst + adrenaline boosters + targeted muscular stimulation plus the mix of small, intense & minimum time+sets workouts.

The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement program can be effortlessly applied by “hard gainers” (non-genetically gifted people), to professional, top ranked bodybuilders.

The program will show you, how to duplicate the triumphant & simple-to-use weight-training tactics by performing:

The *exact* repetitions + sets your muscles necessitate to achieve tremendous size, shape and muscularity.

The precise time each body part should be trained plus timeouts.

Easy-to-follow lessons to effectually grasp the methods.

A timetable which shows literally how much growth to expect.

How to achieve implausible muscle-pumps and set your system on “fire” by feeling powered-up, vigorous and *up*(naturally). This technique is used by the Pro’s when posing for competitions.

Drastically overcome 60%+ of a serious injury, like problems with your back, torso or deltoid cramps.

Learn how to “force” muscles to reach your genetic potential.

Eventually be kept pumped-up throughout the day.

Transform workouts to an *enjoyable* occasion.

A complete weight-training program so you will never have to wonder again “what to do next?” and finally unleash your genetic potential!

Plus a whole lot more hints, tips and techniques to harness the very same methods successful bodybuilders implement, to be on the cutting edge of their competitors.

megadrox bodybuilding


There’s merely one-way when it comes to muscular development. The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement is not another fancy book, overloaded with superseded information, false conceptions, and hazardous experiments with weight-lifting.

The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement gives-out the exact workout schemes I put into action for clients and myself.

Be divulged of a complete, easy-to-apply, lifetime bodybuilding program with a winning combination of muscle-stimulating methodology and strategic techniques.


After all, you need a proven bodybuilding system that has delivered documented results for all groups of people, whether genetically gifted or hard gainers.

The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement contains the exact muscle-stimulating program, in the quickest and most comprehensible way.

It will show you how to train muscles with an easy-to-implement yet scientific approach and keep your system in a continuous anabolic phase.

Even top bodybuilders who theoretically reached their full potential, with The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement training program, they increased strength levels and muscle tissue by up to 87% in 9 months, or even more in some cases — so can you.


From now on, you have the opportunity to interact with me and post your hitches and concerns, anytime you need them (cost-free).

Now you should be already positive that your investment in knowledge will pay multiple times over not only in the gym, but to the upcoming “avalanche” of sheer power and ultimate muscularity.

I can’t stress enough the unsurpassed benefits of The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement that’s why you can contact me if I don’t cover you 100%.

           Here’s what Jean Benjamin has to say, (a formerly “hard-gainer”);

I had a very hard time gaining more muscle a couple of years before, when I thought that… that’s it; I’ve reached my genetic potential. I used to train more than 2 hours a day and generally performing double the sets you’re suggesting in the course, after I saw The Megadrox ULTIMATE MUSCLE Supplement and gave it a shot.

Needless to say, that I’ve been exercising exactly how the course touts and gained more than 25 pounds of pure muscle in less than 3 months… and guess what?! The gains just keep coming, on and on! Furthermore I feel an impact to my sexual potential as well…

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